Can inkjets print white?
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Can inkjet printers print white?

The short answer is simple: no, common inkjet printers cannot print white! Yet, it is important to not only clarify WHY inkjet printers cannot print white color, but also to say that SOME printers still CAN print white! [ More … ]

Inkjet cartridge types
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The secret behind inkjet cartridge types

There are basically two types of cartridges in use by home inkjet printers: integrated cartridge types and ink tanks. We will now explain the difference between them, because it is crucially important for you to [ More … ]

Printer ink types
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Inkjet printer ink types revealed

Knowing more about the inkjet ink types is an important factor for your successful printer handling and cartridges refilling. The inks used in the inkjet cartridges are complex chemical solutions with very demanding characteristics. Problem [ More … ]

Truth about ink level gauges
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The hidden truth about ink level gauges

Many people who have just bought a printer are “pleasantly surprised” that their printer seems to have special ink level gauges, displaying the ink level in the cartridges. Indeed, today’s printers have systems called either [ More … ]