Should I refill my inkjet printer?

Should I refill my printer?

It’s quite surprising, but there are still people asking “Should I refill my printer”?

Refilling and recycling of printer consumables has long been widespread in the modern world. Recycling is even an integral part of the corporate policy of large companies and, as a result, they make savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year!

Indeed, it’s just ridiculous to buy a car and then dispose it as soon as its fuel tank goes empty. It probably sounds crazy, but this is exactly what you are doing by throwing away your depleted cartridges.

The cartridges of modern inkjet printers are able to print much more than the ink they initially contain. Think about that when you throw away your inkjet cartridge!

In addition, due to the fierce competition on the market, printer manufacturers are forced to sell their products often at prices below their cost, and later compensate these losses with extremely expensive supplies. In other words, when you buy a new cartridge, you’re actually paying additionally for your printer!

Just decide whether you really have to do this!

But the question …

“Should I refill my printer?”

… is usually accompanied by other questions like “And if I refill, will my printer print as before?” and “Does the refilling pose any threat to my printer?” Good questions!

Indeed, people often come to our offices with damaged cartridges because of poor ink quality or simply because of wrong refilling methods. The good news here is that even in these cases, the damage only affects the consumable, not the printer itself.

Successful refilling of inkjet printers, depends not only on the quality of the refilling procedure but also on how the cartridge is used and stored. Make sure to read how to store your cartridges, how to install them after refilling, and how to “grow ink cartridges” for refilling purposes. This knowledge will save you a lot money!

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