Working tips for a better use of your inkjet printer

Tips for better printer use

Even before we give you our top tips for a better use of your inkjet printer, remember that the air is the biggest enemy of your inkjet printer!

Most of the problems inkjet printers owners have encountered are a result of dried print cartridges because of the air trapped in the fine channels of the print heads and nozzles.

Here are some tips that will save you a lot of money:

First and foremost: Use your inkjet printer as frequently as possible!

Look at the printing process as at a healthy workout for your printer, not at as an annoying use of consumables. This unconditionally and by far is the Tip #1!

Remember: The “Jobless” inkjet printer costs more money than the one that is being used intensively!

The insufficient use of the printer is the shortest way to have its print heads dried out, and the dried print heads are the shortest way to their damage … This will in any case cost you more than using your printer regularly and refilling it on time.

Do not be tempted to “save” your printer, by not using it. An inkjet printer that is no being used is a dead printer!

Even if you don’t have any real job for your inkjet printer, print at least one test page per week to keep your print heads in good shape.

Refill your inkjet cartridges before the ink runs out!

Be especially careful with cartridges that are completely out of ink! Due to the total lack of ink in the tank to maintain the internal humidity, the print heads dry faster on both the inside and the outside.

Such cartridge is then not refillable any more, because its print nozzles are completely clogged with dried ink! It is always better to “top off” your cartridge, instead of taking the risk to let it dry out.

Do not print up to the last drop of ink!

The inkjet cartridges have electrical resistors that control the ink flow. These resistors must have a constant resistance in ohms. The role of the ink is not only to print, but it also cools these heating resistors. When the ink runs out, the nozzle resistors overheat and their resistance changes. This could lead to either error messages in the printer, or a complete burn out of the cartridge.

Remember: each time the ink runs out and the nozzle resistors overheat, the life of the cartridge either shortens or simply ends.

Do not reuse original protective stickers for the print heads.

This is especially valid for color print heads! Once moistened with ink, the head no longer allows the sticker to actually stick tightly and seal the nozzles. In this way, a pouch is forming beneath the nozzles which rapidly fills with ink.

In case your print head is a color one, all inks mix together in this pouch and the print head gets “contaminated”. For example, if even a microscopic amount of cyan gets into the yellow compartment, the cartridge will never more be able to print correct colors and will only print greenish colors.

Never stick any other sticker tapes to your inkjet printer heads to “protect” them.

Many people try to protect their printer heads from drying by sticking on them insulating tape or any other sticky tapes. That’s definitely not a good idea!

All these tapes contain (guess what!) – glue! If the glue penetrates into the nozzles, it just inevitably clogs them. Yet, it’s still better to have your print head nozzles dried out than filled with glue, right?

We wish you successful and trouble-free printing!